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chey simpson studio

Sunshine and Sea-air

Chey paints in a happy, sunny home studio with a view of giant palm trees and waves in the distance. She usually has her rotti-dog as company.

Cruelty Free

Chey chooses synthetic brushes that are cruelty free, she does not use products produced with animal parts or that have been tested on animals. 

Local Supply

Local suppliers are her first choice. Her canvases are custom made by a local small business and most of her paints are also local. 

Crucial Conversation

Chey hopes to use her paintings as a voice for animal compassion, welfare, conservation and environmental issues.

Reduce Waste

Paper packaging is used instead of plastic in most cases.  Vegetable punnets are used as paint pallets and all waste is recycled or collected for a local school art class.


Chey supports animal charities and fundraising initiatives.